Ibogaine Treatment Center

IbogaLife Ibogaine Treatment Center, Costa Rica

IbogaLife is Central America’s leading ibogaine treatment center, and leads its community in safety standards, guest services and effective results. IbogaLife ibogaine treatment center has protocols that ensure maximum healing during your visit, offering a 7, 30 or 45 day program. Ibogaine treatment isn’t for everyone: careful medical screening must be performed by our MD before booking.

When choosing an ibogaine treatment center, look for experienced providers. At IbogaLife we have been administering ibogaine since 2008 with over 600 satisfied participants. We are devoted to providing traditional ceremonies based on our own iboga initiations in Gabon. Our ceremonial protocols have been featured on HBO’s Vice documentary.

This ibogaine treatment center gives you or your loved one essential personal observation for the 36 hours of acute treatment. 



 We are thrilled with our new 2015 location, our guests are enjoying a daily harvest of fruit from the property and close proximity to amenities and excursions

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