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Ibogaine is a significant catalyst for life change. Discover how unwanted behaviors including substance use can be stopped with ibogaine treatment.

  • Ibogaine And Safety

    Ibogaine treatment at IbogaLife means thorough medical screening and monitoring by our professional staff. The safest ibogaine treatment center in the Americas.

  • Why Costa Rica?

    Healing is easier in a safe, stress-free environment. Facility is in safe, gated estate with personal airport pick-up and drop-off.

  • End Withdrawals Now

    Find out about our 10-Day Withdrawal Free Opiate Detox. Ibogaine treatment is safe, compassionate and jump starts recovery.

  • Ibogaine Treatments and the Family

    It takes a lot of strength for families to stick together in the face of reckless drug or alcohol use. Find out about ibogaine treatment.

  • Personal Development

    Discover Ibogaine therapy: used for personal, psychological, spiritual development, PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders. Many people find they are able to stay off unwanted medications.

  • Iboga And Bwiti

    Iboga is the sacred focus of the practitioners of Bwiti, a forest-based life way practiced since ancient times. Find out about Bwiti and iboga.

  • Ayahuasca & Iboga: Sibling Plant Medicines

    Iboga and ayahuasca each have their enthusiasts, and the much larger group, ayahuasca drinkers are seeking out iboga and ibogaine.

  • Ibogaine & Spirituality

    Testimonials attest to it. Ibogaine can spark or refresh spirituality and practice. Why is iboga a spiritual tool without equal?

  • Dimitri’s Blog

    Last year Huffington Post blogger and IbogaLife co-founder Dimitri wrote about ibogaine and our experience with HBO.

  • Treatment Prices

    Ibogaine treatment is a progressive approach, and costs are comparable to US rehab facilities. Read more here.

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