Ibogaine Treatment Center, Costa Rica

707-202-6180. Ibogaine is a significant catalyst for life change. Discover how unwanted behaviors including substance use can be stopped with ibogaine treatment.

  • Ibogaine And Safety

    Ibogaine treatment at IbogaLife means thorough medical screening and monitoring by our professional staff. The safest ibogaine treatment center in the Americas.

  • Why Costa Rica?

    Healing is easier in a safe, stress-free environment. Facility is in safe, gated estate with personal airport pick-up and drop-off.

  • End Withdrawals Now

    Find out about our 10-Day Withdrawal Free Opiate Detox. Ibogaine treatment is safe, compassionate and jump starts recovery.

  • Ibogaine Treatments and the Family

    It takes a lot of strength for families to stick together in the face of reckless drug or alcohol use. Find out about ibogaine treatment.

  • Personal Development

    Discover Ibogaine therapy: used for personal, psychological, spiritual development, PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders. Many people find they are able to stay off unwanted medications.

  • Iboga And Bwiti

    Iboga is the sacred focus of the practitioners of Bwiti, a forest-based life way practiced since ancient times. Find out about Bwiti and iboga.

  • Ayahuasca & Iboga: Sibling Plant Medicines

    Iboga and ayahuasca each have their enthusiasts, and the much larger group, ayahuasca drinkers are seeking out iboga and ibogaine.

  • Ibogaine & Spirituality

    Testimonials attest to it. Ibogaine can spark or refresh spirituality and practice. Why is iboga a spiritual tool without equal?

  • Dimitri’s Blog

    Last year Huffington Post blogger and IbogaLife co-founder Dimitri wrote about ibogaine and our experience with HBO.

  • Treatment Prices

    Ibogaine treatment is a progressive approach, and costs are comparable to US rehab facilities. Read more here.

IbogaLife Prices

Personal Development

1 week, $3500

Drug/Alcohol Detox

10 days, $5500

Methadone Detox

60 days, $25,000

Suboxone Detox

90 days, $33,000

IbogaLife is a leading ibogaine treatment center, and leads its community in safety standards, guest services and effective results. IbogaLife ibogaine treatment center has protocols that ensure maximum healing during your short visit. Getting ibogaine treatment isn’t for everyone: careful medical screening must be performed by our staff before booking.

Our staff-to-guest ratio is strict, and we never have more than three participants in any cycle. This ibogaine treatment center gives you or your loved one essential personal observation for the 36 hours of acute treatment.

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