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What is Iboga? Find out all you need to know about the sacred African root iboga and its isolate, ibogaine.

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View our beautiful facility located in Costa Rica. Private rooms with available WiFi and our lush property spans 7 acres.

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IbogaLife is the leader in patient safety. Call now to complete a brief medical screening and reserve your date.

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Find the program that suits your particular healing needs. 7, 10 day or even longer

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Ibogaine Treatment Center

ibogaine treatment center

IbogaLife Ibogaine and Ayahuasca Transmedicine Center, Costa Rica

IbogaLife is Central America’s leading ibogaine treatment center, and leads its community in safety standards, guest services and effective results. IbogaLife ibogaine treatment center has protocols that ensure maximum healing during your visit, offering a 7, 30 or 45 day program. Ibogaine treatment isn’t for everyone: careful medical screening must be performed by our MD before booking.

When choosing an ibogaine treatment center, look for experienced providers. At IbogaLife we have been administering ibogaine since 2008 with over 600 satisfied participants.


We are devoted to providing traditional ceremonies based on our own iboga initiations in Gabon. Our ceremonial protocols have been featured on HBO’s Vice documentary.

This ibogaine treatment center gives you or your loved one essential professional observation for the 36 hours of acute treatment

ayahuasca ceremonies

All our clients are invited to massage, sound therapy, IM vitamin therapy, nutrition assessments and therapy with Brian Murphy.

We are thrilled with our new 2015 location, our guests are enjoying a daily harvest of fruit from the property and close proximity to amenities and excursions.Year round we enjoy agreeable temperatures and breezes. Grounds include strolling walkways and even some steep hiking to the riverbed.

Iboga and Spiritual Leadership

IbogaLife was launched in Gabon, Central West Africa. The directors were each initiated into Bwiti, the traditional knowledge holders for the spirit iboga and the rest of the plants of their forests.

Iboga is the brother of Sister Ayahuasca, and the two work in tandem for those participants who want to learn from both. Teachers at IbogaLife have been at practice with iboga and ibogaine since 2007. Their lineage is in the Fang Disumba practice, which is only a recent development (early 20th Century) for spiritual practise which has accommodated iboga consumption for hundreds and hundreds of years. Robert (read interview)and Michael are directly initiated by Tatayo of Ebando village and parented by Mama Lucie and Papa Andre. David was initiated with Ebando and the ancestor Bitsaka, so has a Fang and Mitsogho lineage. IbogaLife created practicable Bwiti that is suitable for westerners. Live music on Gabonese instruments is a constant part of the ceremonies, which last one or two days during the 7 day retreat.

The primary context of iboga and ibogaine in the occidental world has been for drug detox, a purpose for which iboga has unique characteristics. We regard every person called to eat iboga as someone in the depth of a spiritual crisis, and that many have drug dependency problems.


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